RICG Responsive Images Version 2.3

Happy Monday everyone. Version 2.3 of the RICG Responsive Images Plugin for WordPress just launched with a few notable new features and bunch of smaller improvements. Gallery support As of version 2.3, images inside galleries will now include srcset and sizes attributes. We’ve added this support by moving the filter from post_thumbnail_html to wp_get_attachment_image_attributes, so if […]

Link: A Developer’s Guide to Contributing to WordPress Core

Source: A Developer’s Guide to Contributing to WordPress Core Ian Jones recently published one of the best articles on contributing to WordPress Core that I’ve ever seen. The only two issues I saw with the post were addressed by Drew Jaynes (WP 4.2 release lead) in the first comment. I was going to write my […]

Coach Welker

I would guess that almost everyone has a favorite teacher—an individual who impacted their life in a profound way. I’ve been fortunate to have several such teachers, but today my thoughts are on one in particular. Jeff Welker was a high school history teacher and football coach. A man deeply dedicated to his profession and to the […]