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  • Media Handling in WordPress Explained

    Yesterday, I had the privilege of giving a talk at WordCamp US, in which I attempted to explain what happens when a media file is uploaded to a WordPress site. Eventually, the full video of the presentation will be on In the mean time, I'm publishing the slides from my talk here.

  • Becoming Human

    Becoming Human

    At the end of this week I’ll say goodbye to my Washington University crew to begin a new adventure as a Senior WordPress Engineer for Human Made. Working in the shadow of Brookings Hall for the past six years has been an absolute privilege. I’ve been fortunate to work on projects that have been both professionally and personally fulfilling.…

  • Setting up WordPress tests with CircleCI and WP-CLI

    CircleCI is a continuous integration platform that can be used to automatically build, test, and deploy software. It’s relatively easy to set up with any existing GitHub or Bitbucket project. Setting up tests WP-CLI includes a handy command for setting up WordPress tests for a plugin or theme using different CI services. To set up…

  • WordPress Responsive Images + Cloudinary

    I recently had the opportunity to try out Cloudinary, an online image management service, and wrote an article about how you could integrate their service with WordPress. Responsive Images in WordPress with Cloudinary, Part 1

  • This site now runs on HTTPS and PHP 7

    I recently upgraded to PHP7 and turned on HTTPS support to align with the latest recommendations for WordPress.

  • Automated WordPress coding standards checks using Atom

    After being frustrated by missing simple coding style errors in my WordPress contributions, I finally decided to employ some tooling to help automate the process of checking my code. This is how I set up my machine so the Atom editor will automatically check code for WordPress Coding Standards. Install PHP CodeSniffer PHP_CodeSniffer is an automated tool for…

  • Link: Setting up XHProf with VVV Sometimes you need to profile things. This tutorial helps. (Update – Jan 3, 2024: This old link was super helpful to me when I started using XHProf in 2016 but it no longer exists. Internet Archive to the rescue. That said, a more current approach to setting this all up now exists in the…

  • Responsive Images in WordPress 4.4 – A personal story

    Responsive Images in WordPress 4.4 – A personal story

    This is a brief account of how I accidentally became a lead developer of a new WordPress feature.

  • Responsive Images for Everybody – WordCamp Denver

    Here are the slides from my WordPress Denver 2015 talk, “Responsive Images for Everybody”. Some helpful resources mentioned in this presentation include: RICG Responsive Images Plugin Jason Grigsby: Responsive Images 101 Eric Portis: Responsive Images in Practice

  • RICG Responsive Images Version 2.3

    Happy Monday everyone. Version 2.3 of the RICG Responsive Images Plugin for WordPress just launched with a few notable new features and bunch of smaller improvements. Gallery support As of version 2.3, images inside galleries will now include srcset and sizes attributes. We’ve added this support by moving the filter from post_thumbnail_html to wp_get_attachment_image_attributes, so if…