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  • Link: A Developer’s Guide to Contributing to WordPress Core

    Source: A Developer’s Guide to Contributing to WordPress Core Ian Jones recently published one of the best articles on contributing to WordPress Core that I’ve ever seen. The only two issues I saw with the post were addressed by Drew Jaynes (WP 4.2 release lead) in the first comment. I was going to write my…

  • Emoji posts 🙌

    WordPress version 4.2 beta 2 just released, which means everyone is one step closer to using emoji in their posts, including post slugs (see this URL). WordPress 4.2 Beta 1 — WordPress (@WordPress) March 12, 2015 Go read more at  

  • Photo: WordCamp St. Louis 2015

    Chris Koerner captured this shot of me during my presentation at WordCamp St. Louis last weekend. Check out the rest of his photos from the event on his Flickr page.

  • WordCamp St. Louis 2015 Slides

    Atomic Design with WordPress Learn how to apply atomic design principles when building WordPress themes. If it’s good enough for NASA, its probably good enough for you. Source: Atomic Design with WordPress // Speaker Deck

  • A WordPress filter to avoid widows in your titles

    When you’re a designer who codes (or a developer who designs), you end up obsessing over stupid things like making sure you don’t end up with widows in your titles (a single word that wraps to a new line). Here’s a small filter you can throw in your functions.php file to replace the last space in your…

  • Reflections on 2014

    I’ve never been much for resolutions, per se, but I do think it can a good idea to reflect on the year that just passed before barreling headlong into a new one. In that spirit, I thought I would jot down a few professional milestones from the previous year. Public speaking One of my goals for the…

  • A local WordPress setup using VVV

    Setting up a local development environment for working on WordPress projects can be complicated. Varying Vagrant Vagrants (VVV), along with a few addition add-ons, makes it a bit less daunting to get up and running today.

  • Setting Up WordPress on DigitalOcean

    I’ve recently had the need to explore a few different hosting environments and decided to give DigitalOcean a spin. Here’s a quick look at the steps involved in getting WordPress set up on a LEMP Ubuntu 14.04 droplet. Setting up the Droplet The initial setup was pretty easy after signing up for a Digital Ocean account. I…