Hi, I’m Joe

I’m just some guy in St. Louis. Associate Director of Engineering at 10upWordPress Core Developer. Always learning.

Things I wrote

  • Responsive Images in WordPress 4.4 – A personal story

    This is a brief account of how I accidentally became a lead developer of a new WordPress feature.

  • Self-contradictory hungers

    “I came into the world. Free by nature, in the image of God, I was nevertheless the prisoner of my own violence and my own selfishness, in the image of the world into which I was born. That world was the picture of Hell, full of men like myself, loving God, and yet hating him;…

  • Responsive Images for Everybody – WordCamp Denver

    Here are the slides from my WordPress Denver 2015 talk, “Responsive Images for Everybody”. Some helpful resources mentioned in this presentation include: RICG Responsive Images Plugin responsiveimages.org Jason Grigsby: Responsive Images 101 Eric Portis: Responsive Images in Practice

  • RICG Responsive Images Version 2.3

    Happy Monday everyone. Version 2.3 of the RICG Responsive Images Plugin for WordPress just launched with a few notable new features and bunch of smaller improvements. Gallery support As of version 2.3, images inside galleries will now include srcset and sizes attributes. We’ve added this support by moving the filter from post_thumbnail_html to wp_get_attachment_image_attributes, so if…

  • Scratch That, Reverse It

    “Maybe we should stop trying the devise the ideal methods to create the ideal person and just spend time with our kids because we love them and they’ll refuse to hang out with us pretty soon.” Source: Scratch That, Reverse It

  • Link: A Developer’s Guide to Contributing to WordPress Core

    Source: A Developer’s Guide to Contributing to WordPress Core Ian Jones recently published one of the best articles on contributing to WordPress Core that I’ve ever seen. The only two issues I saw with the post were addressed by Drew Jaynes (WP 4.2 release lead) in the first comment. I was going to write my…

  • Emoji posts 🙌

    WordPress version 4.2 beta 2 just released, which means everyone is one step closer to using emoji in their posts, including post slugs (see this URL). WordPress 4.2 Beta 1 http://t.co/RRNtmitDzP — WordPress (@WordPress) March 12, 2015 Go read more at WordPress.org  

  • Photo: WordCamp St. Louis 2015

    Chris Koerner captured this shot of me during my presentation at WordCamp St. Louis last weekend. Check out the rest of his photos from the event on his Flickr page.

  • WordCamp St. Louis 2015 Slides

    Atomic Design with WordPress Learn how to apply atomic design principles when building WordPress themes. If it’s good enough for NASA, its probably good enough for you. Source: Atomic Design with WordPress // Speaker Deck

  • A WordPress filter to avoid widows in your titles

    When you’re a designer who codes (or a developer who designs), you end up obsessing over stupid things like making sure you don’t end up with widows in your titles (a single word that wraps to a new line). Here’s a small filter you can throw in your functions.php file to replace the last space in your…